M. Raynaud, T. Shioda's Algebraic Geometry. Proc. conf. Tokyo, Kyoto, 1982 PDF

By M. Raynaud, T. Shioda

ISBN-10: 3540126856

ISBN-13: 9783540126850

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R. Douglas and N. Lett. B387 (1996) 278, hep-th/9605199. 15. A. Lawrence and N. Nekrasov, "Instanton sums and five dimensional gauge theories", Nucl. Phys. B513 (1998) 239, hep-th/9706025. 16. C. Cadavid, A. Ceresole, R. D'Auria and S. Ferrara, "11-dimensional 49 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. Lett. B357 (1995) 76, hep-th/9506144. E. Phys. B471 (1996) 195, hep-th/9603150. A. Brandhuber, N. Itzhaki, J. Sonnenschein, S. Theisen and S. Lett. B415 (1997) 127, hep-th/9709010. A. Klemm, S. G. Schmidt, "Correlation functions for topological Landau-Ginzburg models with c < 3", Int.

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In some cases the objects naturally arising are sheaves rather than bundles, but the same type of argument should remain valid. It is to be expected that some interesting results about symplectic 4-manifolds and Lefschetz pencils can be obtained in this way, as similar considerations (but at a much more sophisticated level) have for example led to Donaldson and Smith's proof of the existence of a pseudo-holomorphic curve realizing the canonical class via Lefschetz fibrations. 9 References 1. I.

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Algebraic Geometry. Proc. conf. Tokyo, Kyoto, 1982 by M. Raynaud, T. Shioda

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