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By Freya Stark

ISBN-10: 1590209192

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This can be the tale of back-country Turkey, a space that even within the twentieth century continues to be stubbornly tied to antiquity. the writer traveled via it via truck and horseback, frequently by myself. She reached areas little visited and not written approximately. the rustic humans welcomed her with generosity unrelated to their meager resources.
She used to be touring in time to boot, and located importance in recalling the lifetime of Alexander the nice. Twenty-two centuries in the past he used to be the 1st to dream of a united global.

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He expressed his Turkishness: his army needed to prove to the world its ability to defend the fatherland like the old Turkish army. ”97 Kemal’s appreciation of the heroic example of sacrifice exhibited by others was a recurring theme in his writings, for he witnessed much of that in battle. His generation of officers experienced far too much combat. How did Mustafa Kemal adapt to the tribal ethos? 99 Mustafa Kemal 27 The Young Atatürk came to admire aspects of tribal warfare, emotionally and intellectally connecting with Arab warriors.

73 The intellectual currents of materialism, scientism, positivism, and Social Darwinism—ideas popular among the Young Turks—shaped Kemal’s thoughts and Weltanschauung, though it is not clear when exactly and how. Mustafa Kemal came to believe in science as a panacea for transforming society. Science trumped religion, with 20 the making of an ottoman soldier the aim of the eventual privatization of Islam. With this belief came faith in the power of reason, logic, and the scientific method based on the superiority of Western civilization.

10. 11. 12. 13. temperance (riyazet) – do not eat or drink to excess silence (sükut) – be attentive to oneself and others (a good listener and observer) order (intizam) – let there be a time and a place for everything resolve (metanet) – complete tasks that one has begun with steadfastness and circumspection no matter what the difficulties frugality (tasarruf) – spend money wisely for the benefit of oneself and others industry (say) – abstain from laziness and always be busy with necessary matters sincerity (istikamet) – do not exaggerate or lie.

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