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By S. B. MacDonald

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This is the 1st variation of this publication, with a web page count number of one zero five, and is barely on hand used, via third get together .  The new, improved version is ISBN 0-7414-9843-X, which good points 228 pages, many new items, and new chapters!  To buy the recent, revised version, please pass its web page via pasting the ISBN, 0-7414-9843-X into Amazon's seek bar.  
Absinthe Antiques: a suite from l. a. Belle Époque, the revised edition features items used in the coaching and serving of the famed spirit absinthe. These beautiful antiques from the mid 1800s during the early twentieth century evoke a time of attractiveness, paintings, new applied sciences and altering culture. As you trip via those pages, you will relive for a second, this magical time.  Spoons, glasses, carafes, pitchers, saucers, paintings, and other absinthe-related components are proven in special colour pictures, in addition to a brief description in their objective and use. Many of the antiques are awarded actual-size or higher.  Lovers of absinthe, and antiques generally, will benefit from the great thing about those elegant survivors of time.  

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Sadly, uninformed bartenders and drinkers perpetuate this myth. Simply put, flames have nothing to do with the serving of real absinthe, and never did. Please find a way to share the correct, traditional ritual with friends! It is something you will certainly enjoy and remember. An antique absinthe glass is like a time machine in your hand, enhancing fine absinthe in a way one needs to experience to understand. Ranging from dedicated absinthe glasses to multiple-use bistro glasses, the art and design of these pieces is remarkable.

Electric” was often an advertising term used to evoke the modern age, not a claim that products were electronic. The shoe-shine bench on which they sit is labeled: Papa Bros. Bootblack Fixture Supply, 350 Canal Street, New York 1904. This Everett upright grand piano was born circa 1900 in Boston, birthplace of the vintage American absinthe Butterfly of the same era. You’re seeing double with two half-size Torsadé glasses, a stereopticon, and view-card circa the 1870s. The oak pedestal is 19th century as well.

Also included, are various absinthe-related items. You may notice that some pieces show signs of use, while others look nearly new. I feel it is simply not right to modify antiques; the items in this book are presented in their true condition, receiving only a cleaning and polishing if needed. My goal is to share the beauty of these pieces, and encourage others to obtain their own absinthe antiques for the fun and romance of it. It truly does make a difference when preparing absinthe with antique gear!

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