2010 North American Coins & Prices: A Guide to U.S., - download pdf or read online

By Harry Miller, Thomas Michael, David C. Harper

ISBN-10: 0896898369

ISBN-13: 9780896898363

'This certain ebook will give you collector values are given for cash from the united states, Canada and Mexico indexed in as much as eleven grades of situation, reflecting either collector industry call for and sky-high beneficial metals costs. New chapters were additional to check the 4 fascinating new 2009 cents and 6 interesting new 2009 quarters of the us. you will get recommendation approximately procuring, grading, organizing and storing cash in addition. greater than 3,000 photographs together with obverse and opposite relief in coin identity.

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2010 North American Coins & Prices: A Guide to U.S., Canadian and Mexican Coins (North American Coins and Prices) by Harry Miller, Thomas Michael, David C. Harper

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